Tired of your plain ol’ black and white raised letter business cards?  They really don’t justify your business do they and odds are they end up in either the circular file (aka garbage) or in a junk drayer somewhere soon after you pass them out.  Why?  Well… look at your card?  Would YOU keep it?  A plain ol’ card does nothing to intrigue or hold the attention of potential clients therefore they quickly forget about it. 

The Business Card Connection of Valparaiso can solve this problem!  FULL COLOR GLOSSY business cards with Pizazzzzz!  Our goal is too 1) give you a card that you’ll be proud to hand out to potential clients and 2) design a card that grabs and holds onto your clients attention!  For a free evaluation of your business card or other literature contact us today!  As a special offer to ValparaisoCoupons.com clients you can now get 1000 FULL COLOR (front & back) GLOSSY Business card delivered for the low price of $49! Call us at (219) 405-4350 for RESULTS! ** Design services available for an additional fee.