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Bringing Curb Appeal Back To Your Home…

Bringing Curb Appeal Back To Your Home…

Monday, December 5th, 2011

With winter making its final lap around the track of seasons, green grass and blooms are just around the corner. With that there’s no better time to do a thorough investigation of your home’s exterior. Dirt, debris, mold and mildew always make its way onto the exterior of a home after several seasons of Indiana Weather and often go unnoticed by homeowners. It is a gradual process of curb appeal degradation.

Where your gutter exteriors start out bright white in appearance they have now taken on a dingy, discolored and streaked appearance. Your siding used to glisten in its cleanliness but now has a dull, matte and dirty overall appearance and what in the world is that black and green stuff growing on your home? Mold, mildew and algae!

The fact is unlike your car that you have probably washed a dozen times or more each year, your homes hygiene has been seriously overlooked! The good news is there’s a safe and easy solution to restoring your homes curb appeal! TimberSeal SoftWashing. TimberSeal Softwashing is a unique cleaning system for home exteriors and other delicate surfaces that introduces a soft and gentle approach to the house washing process.

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For years homeowners and contractors alike have resorted to high power pressure washing to blast the dirt and grime off of home exteriors. This high impact method uses 3000 plus psi of water pressure and forces water in and behind your siding, into your mortar joints, and through your window seals causing issues long after the power washing is complete. Is this really the process you want used on your home? Timberseal SoftWashing as it implies, is a soft and gentle approach to cleaning that utilizes proprietary cleaning agents.

These eco-friendly detergents, developed by TimberSeal, are safe and gentle on your home’s exterior and its surrounding landscape. They are specifically designed to remove and suspend particles of dirt, debris, mold and mildew and allow us to remove them from your home at a pressure about three times your garden hose (around 300 psi). Gutter, soffit and fascia exteriors are also treated with a specialty cleaner and are restored to look like new. When your TimberSeal Softwash is complete we go through and make sure your windows are rinsed clean and viola! Your home’s curb appeal is restored.

For more information or to schedule an estimate for your home visit TimberSeal online at www.timberseal.net or at www.facebook.com/timberseal.net where you can request an estimate online. In business since 1996 TimberSeal also provides restoration, cleaning and sealing services for decks, fencing, cedar siding and log homes. TimberSeal can be reached by phone at 1-866-WOODCARE or (219) 548-2670.

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